On my way back home after a day of watching Ledge Geyser in Norris Geyser Basin (4 May 2015), I was delighted to find the ice finally flowing out from the Lake and under Fishing Bridge. But this is early. Scary early with how dry it is already. But this past week at home we received .27″ of rain one night and the next week or so has snow and rain in the forecast most every day (figures — we have a multi-family garage sale/estate sale happening tomorrow & Saturday).

The ice flowing along, though, had me turn around and park to walk out for a short video to share this moment with you.

Yellowstone Lake Ice Out 2015-05-04 17.56.19 from Janet White on Vimeo.

Lots more to come – and lots of updates to do on the phenology page. Hope to get to all of it soon.