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150605J1320206AH, LIFE! It does get in the way of some of the best plans. But I’ve just finished an hour of photo processing from the past week and I’m still smiling. One of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoy documenting life is to relive it again as I process the photos and find the stories to tell. As normal, I took notes throughout and spent a bit of time journaling to help ground me.

It’s through this process that I find what to hang onto and what to let go. Examining the days inspires me to create a life lived deliberately rather than simply letting life flow on by.

But to do this, pauses are needed and lots of time spent in my own head. Hard to do when so much is happening, but even time spent in sips rather than long drinks is enough.

2015-06-06 14

So this past weekend, we joined family to celebrate a high school graduate in the family and participate in a rite of passage happening in various forms all over the country. It’s also a time when graduation speeches can be found online. Like this awesome one. As we sit on the brink of summer, it’s a fabulous time to pause and look at where we all are in life and where we want to go no matter how many years ago we went through this rite of passage.

Connecting with family we haven’t seen in a bit was incredible. I fought taking this week long break – thinking of all I needed to get done. But it was time to take a break from the blogs and all the other projects on my plate. Sometimes I keep burying myself too deeply into work simply because I love it so. Now back, I feel refreshed and ready to look at goals for this summer and the steps to make them happen. Summer manifesto time.

My personal SUMMER MANIFESTO: To work efficiently for a few hours, then to be outside to read, write, sketch, hike, explore and sink more deeply into the life we live. To find a good balance of work and the chores of simply living. To find a better rhythm of breathing in life so I can breathe out all I create.

While I document a lot of the nature around us, I also document our life. It’s really my personal field journal of sorts. Photos + Words.  I want to share more of the work I’m doing on my year long story book – its been awhile, so look for that coming soon. But for now, here are some of the photos that have made the cut…and are waiting for their stories to be told.

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