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The moisture has finally come. Rain, sometimes snow, and lately, lots of fog have filled the days here. So grateful for the moisture in any form. The worries of a horrid fire season have been squelched. The outlook from earlier this month should look even better at this point.

But the clouds will eventually part and I’ll be drawn outside much more. One of my goals for this blog (and Geyser Watch as well as SnowMoon Photography), is to get regular, ideally nearly daily posts up. Some will be short, others longer. But each post can take up to an hour or more to craft. All of it costs money.

I’ve considered shutting down this blog over the past few months since it’s really not bringing in much money to support itself. But documenting life is a passion of mine, and I don’t want to shut it down. So things need to change.

To that end, and with the shift of our business to Wyoming made, you’ll start seeing affiliate links here on the blog and a shift to making this a better business. So, if you follow a link, say, to a product on Amazon, and you make a purchase (that item or any other), the business will receive a small portion of that sale. There’s no extra cost to you, but it will help me bring more posts here to this blog and my other blogs without having to spend time on other income generating efforts that, honestly, get in the way of creating posts.

You can help also support a more constant stream of content from the Greater Yellowstone area as well as more examples in my various Field Journals by purchasing photo prints or products, or items in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks so much for your support!

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