Species Account: Chukar


It seems we have a pair of Chukars looking to set up housekeeping near the house. For the past couple of days, they’ve circled our house and a neighbor’s house. This morning the male (just slightly larger) kept watch while the female fed just behind our house. So fun to have the living room as a huge and very comfortable wildlife blind.

We’ve started to just walk Rhad in the front yard to make the back feel safer for these two and have gotten after him for starting to chase them. He can do ‘Rabbit Patrol’ but these aren’t rabbits.

And with the chance they might nest nearby, I’m excited to start a new Species Account for Chukars in my Field Journal. In it I’ll add details we observe as well as some research as it’s nice to have all of that in one location. More to come on these two as we watch them a bit more.



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