Happy to be here: Cowboy


A journaling prompt for the first of May was “Describe a moment from today you want to remember always.”

Here’s what I wrote (which I entered under C in my yearly photo book):


1 MAY 2015: Norris Geyser Basin
He was startled to feel hands on his shoulders, but it’s not the first time this type of thing has happened. You see, he usually wears a cowboy hat simply because it covers more than a baseball cap. And he looks good in a cowboy hat. This makes him a target for the ‘classic’ western shots taken by those visiting here from the far east. Today, it seems a gal with white make-up on her face, lovely curly hair and a gorgeous silk kimono – a geisha? – took a shine to him, taking photos of him and finally, sitting down next to him and, after speaking some Japanese and pointing to her cell phone, she handed her cell phone to a friend to take her photo of her sitting next to a cowboy. But then the others in the tour group got bolder including this one that put her hands on his shoulders, to have her photo taken with him. I smiled again, knowing I married a tourist attraction.


This moment got me thinking back to other visitors to Yellowstone that stand out in memory as being completely delighted to be here. There are lots of them. This year, I plan to really look for these – as another type of mindfulness – and a way to keep the focus for me away from those who just don’t get it. Watch for more of these to come.

Photos used here were edited in part using Rad Lab (affiliate link)
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