Western Thatching Ants

2015-03-29 11.26While on a walk today, Mike and I noticed an ant mound with the inhabitants covering the top. I snapped a photo and looked them up. They are Western Thatching Ants. A neighbor said they’ve been out on warm days for a few weeks now, but this was our first time noticing them.

After reading and watching a couple of videos, I’ll have to keep an eye on them for birds – and steer clear of them – don’t really want to get bit.


Here are some of the sites that helped me to learn more:



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  • Diana
    Mar 30, 2015., 14:24 •

    There is one of these ant "piles" near our drive here in the NW Montana woods. I hadn't taken the time to research what kind they were yet, but your post assures me they are Western thatching ants. We''ll steer clear and let them do their thing. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for this information, Janet.