Ravens Dance and a bit more phenology

Raven Behavior 4 Jan 2015

Been meaning to get this bit of phenology up – at least of the ravens in the area. I watched this pair through binoculars for a good five minutes – two steps to the left, then one would bow and display and the other would return the bow. Then it was two more steps to the left. By the time I grabbed and moved the spotting scope to get some photos, the one here on the left was beginning to lose interest in the dance. I’ve not seen a lot of flight dances by them yet, but this was fun to watch.

We’ve been watching the Golden Eagles as well – but no visits that we’ve seen yet to their nest on the cliffs above us. On calm nights, we can still hear owls calling out their territory hootings. A pair from pretty much north of us, and a single return call to the west.

A neighbor reported his first deer shed from this year – about an 8″ spike antler.

Had another windstorm come through – a chinook that melted the snow, and pretty much did in the solid ice building on Buffalo Bill Reservoir much to the ice fishermen’s disgust. Calm, sunny and cold today, though, so perhaps the ice will make a solid return.

Sorry for the lack of regular posts – just a nose/grindstone thing. Lots of projects seeing attention – a few new products coming to the store soon as well.

UPDATE: The Golden eagles were seen close together this evening, and swooping and dancing in the air. Fun to watch.

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  • Margie
    Jan 21, 2015., 22:04 •

    We were some of the disgruntled ice fisherpersons today - were at Social Security point looking at open water...but we did see two bald eagles dancing on the wind. Absolutely no rabbits anywhere - we 'toured' Oregon Basin yesterday and saw some golden eagles and hundreds of antelope but no rabbits.

    • Janet
      Jan 22, 2015., 17:21 •

      We're drowning in rabbits here, but maybe not as much as a month ago - the Great Horned Owls are possibly taking the numbers down. Also saw the Golden eagle pair again today - just at last light as we did the past two days. This time they were hanging motionless in the wind, just a few feet apart. Amazing birds.