I create daily.

I might knead words into an article or blog post. I might spend time making photos and processing them for people to order prints or license for a use, or just for my own enjoyment.¬† I may wander outside and record the life I find in my field journal. I might spend time documenting this amazing life I lead in my journals. I might wander back through the geysers of Yellowstone through research and the photos I’ve taken – they are ever on my mind and in my heart. I might cook or bake or nurture our home life. Sometimes what I plan to create is set aside for what God brings to me that day.

I believe life is savored more deeply when creating. Creating leaves little room for drama, whining or complaining, but opens the door to deep gratitude for a life lived fully.

What are you creating today?

Janet White



 Janet White is a freelance photographer, writer, blogger who lives in the Cody, Wyoming area with her husband and their beloved Welsh Corgi.

She also writes on her other blog, Geyser Watch and is a contributor to the online newspaper, Yellowstone Gate.

You can read more about all I do on my main website: SnowMoon, LLC