Digital Date Stamps and a Freebie

New Shop Item (well, updated)

Last year I created date stamps for each week to help me with Project Life. The 2013 edition of these is now in the shop, and if all is set correctly, you should have instant access to the digital download of all 52 .pngs in a zip file. They come ready to print at a 4″ diameter, but you can size them down in photoshop or other photo editing software.

And I have a freebie for you

The tags I’m using for December Daily pages, A Story From December, are now available as printable jpgs in a downloadable zip file for personal use. Know that they are close, but not exactly evenly spaced – something to be aware of while you cut them out.  Because of this, and lack of time to rework the files, I’m just giving these out for free. You can find them here or under the digital freebies tab over there on the right. ENJOY!

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