December Daily: Train Trouble

The second story in my Field Journal of life is about the trouble we’ve seen with a train we hoped would be regularly under the tree this year. I knew this would be more involved than just one page from one day, but that this would unfold over many days. To do this, I’m adding the photos a flip set held together with washi tape. For the journaling, I simply use the traditional method of drawing a line to separate out the days on the ‘species account’ – or in this case, the story of the train and Mike’s diligence in tinkering with it until it works. We’re not there yet, but I’m looking forward to taking the motion shots of this gorgeous engine going around the tree.

So very glad I used washi tape because I see I had the second set flipped. Easy enough to fix, but it’s time to get dinner so the photos as it was will do for now.


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    Dec 10, 2012., 21:19 •

    Wow, your December Daily project is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just discovered your blog through Ali's website. Thank your for sharing your album. God bless and Merry Christmas.

    • Janet
      Dec 11, 2012., 11:03 •

      Thanks for the kind words! Hope you enjoy browsing around here. :)