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Listening to the Paperclipping Podcast yesterday about mobile photography (using your phone’s camera), I decided that yes, I need to do more practice with my iPhone. I had already downloaded SnapSeed and had played around with it some, but I do need to treat this like I would any new camera or lens and work with it until I’m comfortable with knowing I can get the shots I want from it.

Looking around for a subject, I found the red and gold tin box and antique beads that are on the mantle this year. Then did a quick write up without a first draft on the computer – I’m getting more comfortable with that, but my thoughts flow best using my natural ‘running hand’ cursive using, of course, my hands down favorite pen (link below).

If you ever get stuck for a story to tell for December Daily or any story project, really – look around you. The things you have in your home hold stories.

Journaling reads (so you don’t need to decipher it):

The box simply has “Made in Holland” stamped on the bottom. Beautiful and well made, it was one of those items in Grandmother’s house buried in the Christmas things – or so I remember. Perhaps I think that because it now resides in our Christmas things. But it’s a very pretty red and gold box.

It provides a home for a strand of red and a strand of gold glass bead garlands. Perhaps from Grandmother Cora?

Each Christmas as I take these items from their safe wrappings, I wonder about them and the lost stories they once contained. Perhaps the box held chocolates from a dear friend. Or perhaps the pretty design was enough to deem it worthy of keeping.

Did the garlands bring back memories of Christmas celebrated in the early 1900s here in Colorado when she was a child? Or could they have graced a tree from my grandfather’s youth in Ohio?

I’ve used them in various ways to decorate our home for Christmas. This year they sit on the mantle, a reminder to tell the stories of some of the other Christmas items we have here.

They say thoughts become things. I contend there are far more interesting aspects to how things become thoughts.


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  • Holly
    Dec 12, 2012., 12:57 •

    love the post, and the thoughts!

  • Janet Kemper
    Dec 12, 2012., 13:03 •

    This post is great Janet. I am finding that I want to tell more stories of the "things" around me and of my everyday life. For so long, I just kept those stories in my head. Thanks to Ali's 31 Things, and also your influence, I am finding I am getting those stories told on paper. It is great fun!