December Daily: 8″ of Snow

Finally we got a bit of snow! And it instantly needed to be added to the album. Obviously you can tell I don’t worry about have a story on the 9th of December be the 9th entry. I have a list of stories still to tell, but I just work on whichever one inspires me next. I decided to create a digital overlay or two for the photo, but since the Canon Selphy I use needs bleed (it cuts off a tiny bit on the edges), I deliberately created the file for it to be smaller than the actual print size by creating a new 6×4 layout and just shrinking it down first. Then I cut it out of the printed image.

I changed the color of the digital elements using Image—>Adjustments—>Hue/Saturation to better match the color of the Evening Grosbeaks for the flip side of the first photo.

Then I made up a few more labels to work on a 4×6 photo since I know I’ll be using them a lot and decided to add them to my store – they should be there now.


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3 Responses to December Daily: 8″ of Snow

  • Janet Kemper says:

    So nice that you got snow! We just got a little bit over the weekend and then again last night. Beautiful picture of the birds! I have been having fun watching which birds come to visit my feeder!

    • Janet says:

      I wondered how much you got that way. The birds are fun to watch. I think we have a flock of 40-50 Evening Grosbeaks that show up pretty much daily. Most eat the seed scattered on the ground by the jays, but there’s a group of 10-15 who all try to stay up on the feeder. Keeping the pecking order in place, I assume.

  • Deena says:

    Thanks for sharing your snow with us! I’m like you… when they forecast a possibility of snow, I try not to get excited until it actually starts. I hate to be disappointed when it never arrives. Still waiting, here.

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