Set Up of 2013 Story Catching Field Journal

Yesterday, while working on telling the stories of November, it dawned on me that this really is my Story Catching Field Journal. It’s a place for the stories of life to land. And, as my husband reminded me, I have multiple field journals and they all really need individual names. So, this is the the Story Catcher.

Creating Tabs

It’s really fairly simple. I used a ticket punch from EK Success that I had on hand. You could use circles or whatever shape seems to fold nicely that works for you. I’m using a color in the examples here so it shows up better. I’ll be using this same technique to set up my phenology notebook soon.  Oh, and The paper used to create the ‘cover’ of this is from My Mind’s Eye – The Sweetest Thing Tangerine. I wasn’t keen on the B-side, so I cut out another sheet from the same set and glued the two together.

Basically, the alphabet tab letters use the top ticket punch, folded in half, and with the letter stamped twice – next to the fold. The stamps came from a $1 bin at Walmart sometime last year, and I used Tim Holtz’ distress inks.

To line them up all neatly, I created a guide using one of the sheets of Field Journaling paper and measured out the spacing.

And glued each tab into place.

The same was done for the months, only using the larger ticket sized punch.

The stories will be filed under the alphabet tags by their one or two word titles. Then on the matching tabbed page, I’ll list the story along with the date of it. To cross reference, it will also be added to the appropriate month tab.

The month tabs will house the daily report or the “Ta Done!” list – (Ta da! It’s done!) and weather or other daily observations. I may not get to every single day, and short observations are fine – I’ll just draw a line and start the next day’s observations on the next line on the paper per the traditional method of keeping a field journal as shown below in the trail cam log.

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  • Janet
    Nov 19, 2012., 18:02 •

    Ok, not sure what's up with the images - they don't look anything like what I processed and uploaded!

    • Janet
      Nov 19, 2012., 18:14 •

      Sigh. Figured it out - been working with CMYK images and forgot to switch back to RGB for these - fixing them now.

  • Elisabeth
    Nov 24, 2012., 10:34 •

    Janet: Great post, love your field journaling approach to scrapbooking. Just one question regarding this post: "The stories will be filed under the alphabet tags by their one or two word titles. Then on the matching tabbed page, I’ll list the story along with the date of it." What is the "matching tabbed page"? Where are you listing the story: on the alphabet tab page? Thanks,

    • Janet
      Nov 24, 2012., 11:01 •

      Thanks for asking for clarification - I haven't yet put together an example of this with photos, and hope to get to that this in the next few days. For now here's a written example: The story I wrote on "First Snow on Pikes Peak" would get filed under F. So would the page on First Fire in the Woodstove. Then on the page that has the F tag on it (which has the lined side), I would write: First Snow on Pikes Peak - Sept 12 (photo taken Sept 13) First Fire in the Woodstove - Sept 12 The cross reference would be on the page that has the September Tag which would have: Sept 12 - First Snow on Pikes Peak (photo taken Sept 13) Sept 12 - First Fire in the Woodstove Hope that helps some. This system combines traditional field journaling with traditional filing systems - mainly due to the fact I find myself pulling out my scrapbooks to find out when did we...(change the filter on the water system, buy a new vehicle, go to Yellowstone in June, etc.). I need this quick reference as an extended memory. :) That