Friday Phenology 10-16 Nov 2012

Not a whole lot to report this last week. The temps are now consistently in the 40s and low 50s and nights have been chilly. Sun, sun and more sun has been on tap with no real moisture to speak of on the horizon, though this next week might have some clouds.  Even in the high country there isn’t much snow to speak of.  Hopefully that will change in the next few weeks. I know most people appreciate the warmth, but for me, brown winters are hard to endure. I’ve already bought myself one plant to help me through.

The usual suspects are at the feeders on a daily basis. The photo above is of one of the Mountain Chickadees we have around that are really quite cream colored on their tummies. Not all of them are that way, but there’s a group of four of them that always show up with the two black capped chickadees. I thought (and still somewhat do think) they might be crosses. But I sent this photo in and the experts said the Mountain x Black Capped almost always have just the narrowest of white “eyebrows” on them. This one definitely doesn’t fit that, but the cream color still makes me wonder. I first saw them in the summer of 2011. In 2010 we had our first Black Capped Chickadee show up and stay, but I only ever saw one, and it hung out with the Mountain Chickadees. Last year, though, one more showed, but I’ve only seen the two. Sweet to have them whatever they are.

Since finding out about the Evening Grosbeaks eating the spruce worms, I’ve paid more attention to activity in the Spruce trees around here where I know they’ve been hit, and not only do I see the Evening Grosbeaks going after them, but the Mountain Chickadees and Black Capped Chickadees as well as the Pygmy Nuthatches are all working on the tips of the branches where the worms hide.

I found a good resource for information on Colorado birding here at a Ning group. It seems to pretty much compile lots of good information. While my schedule is too full to add in another community group at the moment, I do lurk there quite a bit.

The deer around here are in rut and have been for a bit, and the trail cam caught a buck sniffing and following. He’s been hanging around with the group of does normally seen at least once on the trail cam.

Trail Cam 9-15 Nov 2012 from Janet White on Vimeo.

Watch what the Field Journaling .com trail cam captured this week in the Colorado mountains.

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  • Margie
    Nov 16, 2012., 08:54 •

    You are so observant! I do think this bird looks like Sibley's 'Fresh adult Rocky Mountains" Mountain Chickadee from Sept-Mar. as it has a good deal of cream...p 375.

    • Janet
      Nov 17, 2012., 11:56 •

      And, that could very well be it.

  • Holly
    Nov 16, 2012., 12:39 •

    we do not have the high risk of fire here that you do. Because of that, I am glad for our mild winter so far. I expect after Christmas, that will change.

    • Janet
      Nov 17, 2012., 11:59 •

      When fires start now, at least we have cooler temps that keep them from getting too out of hand. I thought I had heard your area was having a fairly mild winter so far - of course our snow is much easier to handle - light and fluffy. I'm not sure I'd have the same love of snow if it were all heavy and wet.

  • Janet Kemper
    Nov 16, 2012., 15:23 •

    What a beautiful picture! I have been enjoying paying more attention to the birds in my area!

    • Janet
      Nov 17, 2012., 11:59 •

      Thanks, Janet. :)