Create your own fishing journal

So where do you start in creating your own journal? While you know your hobby/interest best, I’ll go through some examples of how to apply traditional field journaling to a few I’ve looked at. Today, we look at how to create your own fishing journal. I don’t fish, but I adore going with my husband who does. Right now our jaunts to a river are limited, so they just get recorded in the everyday stories. When he retires, though, I’m fairly certain a fishing section in my journal will show up.

I’ve looked at many fishing journals that exist on the market – most have you just plugging in the basic stats – Where you fished, what you used on the end of your line, fish caught, hatches observed, etc.

That’s a great start for field notes, but fishing is more than about that. It’s about getting out in nature, it’s about what all you see while trying to think like a fish. These pre-made journals may give you a box for this, or a couple of lines for that, but creating your own allows for roominess to capture what captures you about fishing.

If you don’t use a journal while on the water, here’s a suggested list of things you may want to regularly capture in your notes. Any small notebook will do. Just write it in the front to remind you to capture things such as:

  • Date
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Location
  • Weather (note times when it changes)
  • Lures or Flies used successfully
  • Water level if applicable
  • Moon phase
  • Fish caught – size, where, details of the catch – kept or released, etc.
  • Fishing companions
  • Wildlife seen
  • etc.

Then, in the evening or whenever you decide to carve out time, you have the basics to really capture what that day’s fishing adventure was like. Add in photos and you’ve got it documented. In the past, I’ve created scrapbook layouts to tell the story, but it still comes down to words and photos. This is one of many to document a weekend of fun with neighbors. I love that I have more than just a list of stats to look back on.

There are so many fishing blogs out there, that it’s obvious that many who fish, love to journal and record as well. This system can bump all of it up to the next level – more than just plugging the information into boxes.


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