Yellowstone Travel Journal – Part One

I posted a bit about the travel album I’m creating for all of my planned trips to Yellowstone this year. It’s coming together well – the inspiration gleaned from Ali Edwards’ online class, Scrapbook on the Road, helped immensely. I’m blending that with a product to be available later on this month right here at Field Journaling. I adore how this combines scrapbooking with traditional Field Journaling. It’s the mix I’ve been searching for.

I started with the base product of chipboard binder and field journal paper (photo shows the 125 sheet pack that will come with the base binder/paper set). The paper was inspired by the Grinnell method for Field Journals and is a nice weight. It has slightly distressed lines on one side, and is blank on the other – and is 6 1/4″ wide – making it feel roomy to work and write on. Because the lines are a light warm gray, writing in any color of ink really stands out. Also, the paper fits snugly to comfortably in other half sheet binders I’ve found.

The binder itself is 8 1/2″ x 9 1/8″ with a 1 1/2″ D ring binder clip that uses standard half sheet hole placement. I designed this to be small enough to be portable and yet roomy enough to fit the larger paper as well as some of the latest products that I’ve fallen in love with and want to include in this travel album. There’s no debossed logo on this deliberately, so it can truly become yours. Sign up over at the right there for news and discounts…you’ll need to come to the blog if you read this in a feed reader.

This is really my first mini album that feels like it’s coming together well. In the past I’ve scrapped mostly digitally, so this is my first attempt at more of a paper style. Not sure how I’ll like it, but there’s no way to really know unless I give it a full trial run. I already have a good collection of ephemera from Yellowstone which I gathered together. Many shops and stores in the gateway communities and in the Park have stickers that I need to keep an eye out for this time around as well.

I decided to cover the binder with a map, but wanted to soften if a bit. Digitally, I could do this in just a few clicks, but had to think a bit of how to do this with paper. I ended up buying some Martha Stewart paint at Michaels when it was on sale – for this project, I chose Summer Linen as a color.

And I added the numbers from Amy Tangerine’s Goodness Chipboard Stickers/Thickers. I also used some Paper Tape from 7 Gypsies to trim the edges. Not sure yet what will go on the back side of the binder. It’ll show itself soon enough, I’m sure.

Honestly, I’m NOT thrilled with the inside. Well, at least not with the top two stickers. Those may get covered up with something else, but it’s there for the moment. I suppose that’s just the learning curve with new stuff, so if it doesn’t change, that’s how it goes.

The bottom part, though, I LOVE. The quote is on a plaque up in the Old Faithful Visitor Center (actually many of the Visitor Centers in the park have quotes as word art – need to keep an eye out for more). I took a photo of it, straightened it in Photoshop and printed it out on my laser printer. Then transferred it to packing tape. You just stick the packing tape to the image – on this one it took three strips – then run the whole thing under water and rub off the paper. Simple. Once the paper is gone, just let it dry and the tackiness returns.  Underneath it, I put a couple of Clear Cut Shapes, Saturdays Collection from Little Yellow Bicycle – not tacked down in any way, and the transfer holds them down well.

I had a postcard purchased a few years back of some of the Mammoth Hot Springs – love the colors in it – which go well with the map. Together they inspired the color scheme I picked out – though I’m also fine if I find cool things that don’t quite match. I look at the color theme as not a requirement, but as a base to visually help hold things together.

Behind it, I punched holes to use one of the envelopes from the Ditto line by Hampton Arts.

Then it was back to Photoshop to create the Tabbed Divider pages (which will be a downloadable blank layered template for sale when the binders go on sale). I used Marcee Duggar’s products here (LOVE her work!) – mainly Bright Skies, but I think I also used her Gray Skies and perhaps one digital background from her Saturday Afternoon kits – This is my current favorite digital set I’m using in a lot of things.

More to come in part 2…

4 Responses to Yellowstone Travel Journal – Part One

  • Margie says:

    Come clean up my stuff! The secret is out – I am NOT as organized as some people have been led to believe.

  • scamp says:

    You’re going to have those binders for sale? I’m going to want one!

  • PattiP says:

    Love this! I’ve also done a travel album (my 2nd) inspired by Ali’s Scrap on the Road. I’m heading to Yellowstone myself this summer, though I’m having to travel light, so can’t use this wonderful binder you’ve got.

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