WITL Monday

Computer issues ate the work I had done on Sunday – the day we traveled back home again, so I’ll have to rework it at some point, but when that happens, I stop because I keep trying to recreate what was instead of just creating new. All I have so far for notes from this amazingly busy day are my field notes – and that’s probably good enough. Not every day needs to be recorded in the same way.

Monday’s Field Notes:

– alarm went off – much too early. We both slept well, but we both wished there was another hour or two of it to get.

– Lunch made, downloads of newspapers to the Kindle for Mike done, coffee in thermos – journal for a bit.

– blogs surfed, the streaming for the Old Faithful webcam was down. Breakfast of banana bread and milk. Hayfever is bad this morning.

– blog post written

– dressed and onto chores: trail cam, laundry, 10 min room rescue

– plan out the week as much as possible

– phone calls with mom and a neighbor – good to chat

– Blog post done, blog work (dashboard type stuff) done.

– surfing again – found out there’s going to be a firearms exhibit in Cody this summer: Winchester & Savage rifles. Emailed that to Mike.

– UPS shipment arriving today

– spent time catching up with the geyser activity over the weekend in Yellowstone – and watching the live streaming webcam that came back up

– shopped for digital kits for WITL layouts.

– UPS shipment arrived!


– worked on setting up an online shop (lots to do there still)

– finished the cover for WITL

– Mike home

– Fed dogs, but Taylor refused to eat and looked miserable. Something’s wrong.

– Called the vet, regular one not in for after hours. Called another.

– Dinner – a quick one of just leftovers in the fridge.

– Met the vet at the clinic, x-rays showed TONS of gas – likely the stress of getting in the car helped push it through. No food for her tonight, but there were pills to help settle her stomach and ease the gas issue. Need to get her in sometime for a full blood workup and dental.

РHome. Clean  up a bit.

– Bed – the crickets are out! YAY!

– Something below the deck eating seeds – either a bear or raccoon??? Gone when checked. Back to bed.

Reflections on this process so far:

Today I’m done. I was going to do nine days, but life is zipping along at rocket speed and I want to get the week finished up and ready to print and assemble. This has been a huge boost to my project life process. Most of this will get duplicated in some way for it. It’s also a great way to get myself back in the habit of taking good field notes throughout the day. That will continue as it really helps me to identify the stories that call to me to be told. Those, when recognized, also get a photo taken somehow. I’ve also gotten more used to using the self-timer to take photos. This week and next will help solidify how I plan to work layouts and photos into my new Memory Keeping system.

This week, the week the aspens pop is always joyful, yet hard. I realized it’s when I need to make a shift to summer mode where I need to rearrange my routines to include all the outdoor things I want to add. Normally I get another few weeks, but this year, it’s here, and I find myself looking forward to the rainy/snowy weather this weekend to sort of regroup and get a few smaller projects done and out of the way.

The biggest thing this week of extra recording has reminded me is that documenting life (or anything else) must be intentional. That means scheduling in enough time to get it done. It’s a priority for me, so my schedule needs to reflect it. I need to stop trying to convince myself I’ll have time tomorrow or later or whenever…and to commit to making it happen.

Items used in the layout (you may need to come to my site to see the links if you’re reading this in a feed):


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