WITL: Friday – Travel Day

I took notes in my field notes notebook I’m using for Week in the Life (to be added in an envelope at the end) and paused for a bit in the evening on this day to write up the day’s events and observations. There are more photos I took that will be included on the blank sides of my field journaling notebook paper.

Excerpts from journaling:

We left the house at about 9:15, but had to make a couple of stops. One for propane, and the other for food. We decided on meat from the BBQ place.  We were finally on the road around 10:00. I spotted a Sandhill Crane in a field not far from Twin Rocks Road, and then shortly afterwards, a red-tailed hawk. The camper is heavy, but lighter than a full load of firewood. We will likely get air bags for this since it’s sitting a bit on the squatty side.

Lots of Mountain Bluebirds seen while climbing Wilkerson Pass, and antelope (aka pronghorn) in South Park. We reached Fairplay where the time/temp sign read 10:55 and then switched to let us know it was 44° F out. The wind was blowing the clouds by quickly, the ones hung up on the high mountain peaks were torn apart like cotton candy. Over the hill [Hoosier Pass] it looked fairly clear, but the trees and a few cars coming toward us had a few inches of snow on them so we assumed snow likely fell overnight.

There was still a bit of ice on Goose Lake (or is it Goose Pond?) in Blue River, but we didn’t see any ice on other lakes or ponds all the way up here. Mike spotted a fox next to the road.  Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorn were reduced to pretty much locals only during this in-between season. We saw more Colorado pioneer plates than we could ever remember. Gas in Silverthorn was $4.49/gallon next to the highway and $3.36 a few blocks in. At Kremmling – where we could have topped off the gas tank – gas was $3.99/gallon. On the way out of Kremmling, we noticed that the Colorado River was running lower than we expected.

At Muddy Pass, we pulled off for a better photo of Rabbit Ears – though the sky wasn’t all that much to write home about. The willows in North Park were just amazingly brilliant in color. We took the Rand cutoff and about a mile outside of Gould we saw a light colored hawk with a black band on its tail. [the bird book told us it was a Rough-Legged Hawk].

Cameron Pass turned out to have even more snow than Hoosier Pass. The construction they worked on throughout the winter seemed done except for a final layer of blacktop.

Heading down Poudre Canyon, the gas gauge dipped and we both thought we remembered a gas stating at Rustic. Turns out there are two. We filled up and found it to be the same price as we saw in Kremmling. Turning at Rustic, we started up over the hill, the first aspen trees on our trip that were starting to leaf out and I wondered what we’d find at Beaver Meadows. It didn’t take long to find out – they seem to be about a week behind us, if that. The whole route through the various mountain parks showed that the aspen are all about at the same point and should ‘pop’ in the next week or two if the warmer weather holds.

We arrived at 2:45. Not bad time, considering the many stops we made along the way. We found our campsite and got set up for our first night in the truck camper. The hardest thing about a new rig is figuring out where things will find their home. We took the dogs for a good long walk and I took some photos. The Marsh Marigolds were in bloom and the willows in all sorts of states, but the ones ready to leaf out were a few days away still. Time to write this, and soon it was time for bed which was when we realized we [I] forgot to put in pillows. An improvised solution of dog towels and a blanket worked fine.

What was used in this layout (along with Mom’s Typewriter font found in many locations):

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  • Margie
    Apr 24, 2012., 16:36 •

    I loved the marsh marigolds up there...lots of good memories! Thanks for the travel tour.