Trail Cam March 8-13

It seems to happen to me each February – that’s the month I traditionally take the least photos and just sort of hunker down until signs of spring start to arrive. I now have a long list of things to include in a phenology report to come sometime this week.  The most interesting tidbit for us is the at the end of this slideshow (which is not a vimeo video – as a couple of people mentioned to me they were having trouble viewing it). The night before last at 12:10, we were woken up by something on the deck. I wondered if it was too early for bears still – even if they are up and moving, they aren’t voraciously hungry yet, so ruled that out. Maybe it was a dog moving around and we just mistook it for being on the deck. A few more noises and we were up and heading downstairs where we saw a raccoon with his head buried in an empty bucket that used to hold birdseed. Definitely a sign of spring! Remember, you can make the slideshow go faster by clicking on the images. Enjoy!

 [portfolio_slideshow id=2306]


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