Missing the March Snows

Well, the warm weather has finally taken a break, though it looks like the end of the week will be back to insanely warm for this area of Colorado.¬† It ended here with wind – not just a breeze – nope. It was the type of where you find yourself knowing exactly why the settlers long ago went crazy from it. The weather station we have now doesn’t record the true gusts we get. Instead it only catches sustained gusts – which hit in the 30-40 mph range for much of yesterday. I know the big gusts were likely 50-60 mph. The lid to the kindling bucket was somewhat ‘locked’ – it’s a bear resistant one – and was still blown off at one point and took a bit to find. All I saw was it go ‘up’ – it landed about 100-150 feet away. The snow behind all this wind sat mockingly close, and when a wave or two did finally¬† make it to us, the wind dropped to a much more reasonable level. This is one of those storms where it wouldn’t surprise me to hear of damaging weather from it as it makes its way across the country.

It’s also dry here – not uncommon to see the humidity reach the single digits, and often in the teens. This is not what we usually get in March, so the fire season this year could get interesting. Warm, dry springs like this make me itch to move to deeper snow country. I’m still holding out hope, though, for a 3-4 ft. snow before May comes around. But for now, I can at least look back on others we’ve had…the main one that comes to mind is the March 2003 storm that left us 3 feet of snow and 4 feet or more in other areas in the Colorado mountains. Ah, the good old days…may we see them again soon.


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  • sn
    Mar 19, 2012., 12:49 •

    the diag layers of your bed, snow covered ground, tree, and sky reminds me of a japanese wood block print.

    • Janet
      Mar 20, 2012., 09:14 •

      Wow - I hadn't ever made that connection with that photo, but you're right - it does have all those elements. Thanks for mentioning it!