Project Life – Week 1

We lead such a full life – amazingly full at times. I’ve finally completed Week 1 and much of Week 2 and have a good start on this week, week 3. I have to say, without the ability to print at home, I think I’d give up on this completely, but with my Selphy, I find I’m getting a system down to carve out a bit of time every few days to print and add items. Getting Week 1 done all the way has been the motivation. Looking at those pages, I really find a tremendous amount of satisfaction from them. Week 2 is done except the journaling, so it’ll be up here soon. Week 3 just needs a slight extra push and it’s done.

And I’ve added in a “Cast of Characters” – people and places in our life. Plus, the classes I’m taking at Big Picture Classes have assignments that will all end up in this one album. I fully expect to have to reprint that with additions through the year.

Last year, I kept a baseball card holder/page protector of all the books I read – and I’m doing the same this year, but the books Mike reads will also be added in.

Here’s a look at last year’s:

Onto Week 1:

Sorry – I wrote the journaling really for us, not for the internet, so have blurred out most of it.

During the first week of the year, we dropped Dish Network – after spending a month backing off from the media in general as a start to our “Right Relationship” year, it was time to let that relationship go.  I added in a bit more of the story on another card and made a tab to pull it out from behind the conversation I had with the gal at customer service.

3 Responses to Project Life – Week 1

  • scamp says:

    Just want to let you know that I am still following you! Love what you’re doing with PL–I’ve just ordered some of the page protectors to start a variation of it. Maybe someday I’ll get back to Colorado, or maybe someday you’ll venture out to Texas!

    • Janet says:

      HEY! :) So glad to see you here!

      I absolutely find PL a perfect fit for me and how I work. I’d love to get together someday and catch up on things. :)

  • Linda M says:

    Okay, what you have done with that stamp is absolutely gorgeous. Love it.

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