Making it Work

We all have ‘stoppers’ – little things that can trip us up and spoil our best laid plans. Project Life is one of those things I REALLY want to do, but it dumped me on my tush harder than I could have imagined! I thought shifting over the last half of last year to this system would be a snap. I’ve been scrapping all along – right? My BH products (as opposed to B&H Products that also sometimes arrive here) came in and I busily got to work.  But it’s FAR from done. My intentions didn’t match the results and it’s time to start fixing that.  So, I started with a few of the ‘stoppers’ that needed solutions to make it work for the long haul. I’m sure I’ll run into more things, but setting up a system I can handle is the only real answer here.

Stopper #1:  “I have enough photos – I have OODLES of photos.

True. I do have oodles of photos. But I can tell I still don’t have my photography mind fully wrapped around this new approach to ‘scrapbooking the every day life concept’ yet. In the past, I’ve taken photos and THEN scrapped. Now I’m coming at it from identifying the story first and taking photos to match the story. Just coming at it from another direction, but it’s still a bit of a mental shift for me.

Plus, taking out the SLR all the time isn’t always appropriate. It sends red flags to people that tiny cameras just don’t do. And, every day means I need a camera with me all the time.

My solution: a smaller camera. I got a Canon G-12 for Christmas as my ‘big’ gift/toy. It’s smaller, yet still has the hot shoe attachment and takes RAW photos. It fits in my purse a heck of a lot better than the SLR. I love this camera, but won’t be giving up the SLR any time soon. It’s just giving me more options. The photos have a different ratio to them, so I’m still getting used to that.

Stopper #2: “I’ll remember what we did.”

Um….no, I won’t. Life just barrels along at rocket speed and without notes, things blend together rather quickly. I fully admit I need a brain prosthetic of sorts to help me remember.

My solution: Field notes. Lots and lots of them. I already take notes and journal like crazy, but it’s taken on a different tone of late. Lots more little life details. From them, I can create the pages of a Field Journal of Life (aka my Scrapbook). Keeping these field notes forces me to look at life a bit more objectively. But it’s going to take a few more weeks to make it regular practice. I am thoroughly enjoying, though, the Right Now Journaling it creates. If I had an iphone or wouldn’t despise typing on my ipad, I’d seriously consider Day One.

Stopper #3: “I’ll get enough photos together and then I’ll place my order.”

How many is ‘enough?’ There’s always one more day, weekend, week and then I’ll get to it. Right. It didn’t happen regularly enough.

My solution: a Selphy 800. It came in a day earlier than scheduled and I have to say I LOVE it. I have my scrapbook, my computer with the photos, the selphy to print photos and the laser jet printer for the elements I want to print.  Other than the larger sized photos, I’m set.

Seriously. I love the ability to get such great prints AT HOME – especially when we live an hour from the city, and half an hour from town. And yes, I have my eye on a bigger printer, but that’s down the road a bit still and this will work for now.

Pages to come next week sometime. And yeah, a new corner rounder might be in the mail to me soon as the paper is heavier and the one I’ve got doesn’t…well…cut it.

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