Project Life Setup

This week I’ve been working on setting up my 2012 scrapbook (which likely will expand into two volumes), and working to fill in the holes in the second half of my 2011 album.

I have the box from Project Life set up on a shelf on my desk – next to the select few items I use in conjunction with Project Life. By removing the styrofoam packaging, I gained enough room to add in the bits and pieces I’ve either created myself or found to add in.

Over the past few weeks I’ve thought a lot about what helps me get scrapbooking done and what stops me. That’s been the key to figuring out how best to make this work for me. One thing that stops me cold is trying to decide which products to use. The lovely little boxes of cards were one of those things – which journaling card would I choose? Or would I make one? Solution: shuffle ALL the cards together and pick at random. My mom’s old recipe box works great to hold a batch of them.

Deciding to go ahead and start shifting over to using Project Life for the second half of 2011 was a good one. I still have lots of holes to fill in, but I’m getting a better idea of what I want 2012 to look like. Somewhere I saw someone who used sticky notes to help and that tip has helped immensely.

And, I’ve figured out how to print on the cards – which, for me, is the perfect blend of digital and paper. I’ll post soon about how I do this and share my template.

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  • Theresa
    Dec 28, 2011., 14:05 •

    Very cool, I LOVE seeing other PLer's workspace and collection of stuff. Just curious, what kind of page protector is holding the Polar Express cover? Also, just curious what your thoughts are about adding stuff in without a protector like you did. I see very few people do this and Im trying to push myself to let go and just do it myself. (Im just a little worried it will get ruined over time)

    • Janet
      Dec 28, 2011., 14:20 •

      I, too, love to peek into people's scrap spaces - that was the inspiration to share a corner of mine. :) That page protector for the Polar Express cover is one of the sadly discontinued Pink Paislee vertical 5x7 ones I have left. I keep hoping Becky Higgins or someone will create more of these! As for adding in things without page protectors - I do it fairly often. If/when they become worn, I either add in support for them to stay in the binder (those little reinforcement circles - either bought or made) or it gets a page protector. I don't worry about it until it happens. Mending scrapbooks just means they're being appreciated. It's a wonderful 'problem' to have.