Field Journal Inspiration

I’m always on the lookout for field journal examples for inspiration. Here are a few I’ve found recently:

A Young Birder Tells How She Started РThis tells of the Young  Birder of the Year and gives some examples from her field journal.

In the Field for the Holidays – This shows that even researchers include tidbits that make a scrapbooker’s heart smile.

And this interesting one on Indexing – in the Colorado Springs area, if you want to find the articles on pretty much anything from the early newspaper days in Colorado, you head to the Ormes Index. Mr. Ormes indexed the daily newspaper he received and created an incredibly valuable research aide. I’ve used it on quite a few occasions and simply marveled at the task he took on. He also has a mountain named after him.


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  • Holly
    Dec 29, 2011., 16:40 •

    How interesting! I love the idea of indexing. Knowing where and when photos were taken is something I often wonder about when I see old photos.